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A creative design studio based in Europe, working globally
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We work with our clients remotely from Kyiv, Ukraine. This offers the benefit of budget-friendly pricing for our design services, as our overhead is a fraction of what the US-based creative design studios incur. The savings are yours.


We are a small, agile, and proudly boutique design studio. We cater to small and medium businesses who look for exceptional creative design solutions on a budget. A small and focused team, we offer the finest quality in every detail.

305DSN has been a remote agency since before WFH was a thing. In 2012, Andrew Kavka began his career as an independent marketing consultant. He quickly realized that there were too many US businesses who needed to fill the pipeline, but could not afford the big agency fees. Andrew also knew a lot of talented folks who, like him, were setting out on an independent path. He realized that if he could assemble the best talent and package it up for his clients, he might just have a new kind of creative design studio: one with little overhead and no allegiance to the old work paradigm.

He decided to call it 305DSN. The “305” is for the original area code of Miami, a place that occupies a special corner of his heart – and the “DSN” is for the exceptional creative design we continuously deliver. Despite our name, we are based in Europe. This does not stand in the way of working with our US clients. We are available across many time zones and our clients do not feel we are disconnected in any way. After all, who doesn’t work remotely these days?

The right-sized team for any project whether you need two people or twenty. Hand-picked because they are among the best at what they do. Allowing your budget to be spent where it’s most effective.

Our Recipe

We have a playful approach to problem solving. Our starting point isn’t defined. It can be a problem, an insight, a late night idea. We generate meaningful solutions, innovate, and test.


Our experienced team is familiar with global client processes and standards.


We are hardworking, organized, accountable and result-oriented.


We offer exceptional creativity at competitive and flexible pricing.

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